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aplikasi database
Keywords: applications
Downloads: 20
[audio]20131205 ITIS CHYZ - ITIS
Chronique Actualites TI de l'Institut Technologies de l'information et Societes (ITIS), presentee sur les ondes de CHYZ 94,3 FM dans le cadre de l'emission "La table d'hotes"
Keywords: Applications
[audio]20141117 ITIS CKRL - ITIS
Chronique Actualite TI diffusee sur les ondes de CKRL 89,1.
Keywords: Applications
[unknown]Usenet groups within nersc.applications from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "nersc.applications", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: nersc.applications
Downloads: 7
[audio]applications-093012.mp3 - Doug Teel
Keywords: applications; CCOTL
Downloads: 9
[audio]20140224 ITIS CKRL - ITIS
Chronique Actualite TI de l'ITIS, diffusee a l'emission Change de disque sur CKRL 89,1 FM.
Keywords: Applications mobiles
Downloads: 1
Downloads: 5
[audio]applications090212 - Doug Teel
Keywords: applications; CCOTL
Downloads: 23
[texts]Current Resume - Anne McDowell
Keywords: Job Applications
Downloads: 60
[software]Crossword Program - Brent Modesitt
This program allows you to create and print crosswords.
Keywords: DOS applications
Downloads: 42
[texts]Trinbotex Files - Trinbagotex.org
Flyers and Applications
Keywords: Flyers; applications
Downloads: 117
[software]Virtual Anus! - Skidboy Productions
Virtual Anus! was created for the sole purpose of breaking up computer doldrums.  Choose a setting and receive a treat every so often.  The program will randomly play fart noises based upon the settings.
Keywords: Windows applications
Downloads: 49
[texts]CIBEC_Applications_1 - CIBEC
Keywords: CIBEC_Applications
Downloads: 450
[texts]CIBEC_Applications_0 - CIBEC
Keywords: CIBEC_Applications
Downloads: 353
[texts]Alloys - F.Law

Keywords: Industrial Applications
Downloads: 1,833
[software]New Beat Trancemission Demo - Microforum
You are the DJ, on the front-lines of the New Beat revolution - bringing together high-energy house, trance, techno and hip-hop beats, floating, tripping and trance-forming your PC into the ultimate, spaced-out, hyped-up audio trancemission.Become the DJ you were meant to be with New Beat Trancemission, the ultimate do-it-yourself, sound revolution. With over 200 instrument and sfx samples, plus a Sound Warp sound editor that lets you record, mix and edit your own sounds, the power to program th...
Keywords: Windows applications
Downloads: 44
[software]Klik & Play Demo - Europress Software
Klik & Play is a games creation package that enables games to be created easily without any programming knowledge whatsoever.The product comes with ten games that are both playable and available, customizable, and for use as example programs for developers to learn from.
Keywords: Windows applications
Downloads: 21
[software]NetSpy Master Demo - Microforum
Now you can take greater control of your business with NetSpy Master, the versatile Internet and network management tool. NetSpy Master lets you more effectively oversee local area networks (LANs) by giving you the power to instantly view the screen content of any computer that's connected; monitor work in progress, verify time sheets and restrict program access, all without ever leaving your desk!NetSpy Master also allows you to work more effectively over the Internet by letting you view the sc...
Keywords: Windows applications
Downloads: 26
[software]Android. Application. 2014. Dec. 18 Wiki Soft. IR
wikisoft applications 2014 DEC 18
Keywords: applications wikisoft
Downloads: 7
[texts]Hamachi - ImJS
LogMeIn Hamachi is a VPN service that easily sets up in 10 minutes, and enables secure remote access to your business network, anywhere there's an Internet connection.It works with your existing firewall, and requires no additional configuration. Hamachi is the first networking application to deliver an unprecedented level of direct peer-to-peer connectivity. It is simple, secure, and cost-effective.
Keywords: Window applications
Downloads: 147
[texts]CIBEC_Applications_2 - CIBEC
Keywords: CIBEC_Applications
Downloads: 736
[texts]Image Fusion of Video Images and Geo-localization for UAV Applications
We present in this paper a very fine method for determining the location of a ground based target when viewed from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). By determining the pixel coordinates on the video frame and by using a range finder the target’s geo-location is determined in the North- East-Down (NED) frame. The contribution of this method is that the target can be localized to within 9m when view from an altitude of 2500m and down to 1m from an altitude of 100m.This method offers a highly ver...
Keywords: UAV Applications
Downloads: 122
[software]AIMP.v 3.60. Build. 1457. RC 4 Wiki Soft. IR
wikisoft applications
Keywords: wikisoft applications
[software]SciTech Display Doctor - SciTech Software
SciTech Display Doctor v5.3a: SciTech Display Doctor provides high performance VBE 2.0 device support for playing the latest games. This is a special DOS only version for customers without a copy of Windows (ie: DOS and OS/2 users). If you have a copy of Windows, please download the full Windows installation version.
Keywords: DOS applications
Downloads: 35
[software]Any Sports Team Management - Pat Rankin
This package was designed to serve as a template formanagement of any sports team.  It consists of three modules, the mainmodule, TeamMgrM, which contains information on team players that isconsidered necessary for proper administration. Module TeamMgrC is to beused by the manager or coach for maintaining running comments on theperformance of the various players on his team. Module TeamMgrD maintainsinformation on the league and team required for day to day administration.A module or modules de...
Keywords: DOS Applications
Downloads: 7
[software]Let's Draw Demo - Microforum
From accomplished professional to absolute beginner, Let's Draw gives you the tools you need to turn your simplest ideas into colorful calendars, cards, wrapping paper…and much more! Bring any document to life with over 100 professionally designed caricatures of famous people, or create your own wacky designs using Let's Draw's collection of versatile drawing tools.Looking for a more sophisticated drawing program? Look no further...
Keywords: Windows applications
Downloads: 28
[software]Game Save Editor
Allows you to edit save game files for Pharaoh's Tomb, Prince of Persia, and Thexder II: FireHawk.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 38
[software]Xword - Dominion Software
"Introducing XWORD, which allows the entry, creation, and working of crossword puzzles within the Windows graphical interface. Xword does this while maintaining the look and feel of the familiar crossword puzzle. The look of a crossword puzzle is maintained by displaying a puzzle in a way that is familiar to anyone who has worked a crossword puzzle. Xword displays the puzzle in black and white and shows the numbers within the squares...
Keywords: Windows applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 23
"WordHide.Exe is a word game. It will take a list of up to 20 words (each up to 20 characters in length) that you provide and hide them in an unpredictable square of random letters. You determine the list of words. You determine how large or small the square will be. If you want, the program will save a list of words for you so you can use them at any time to create a word-square puzzle. The program will save as many lists as you want to create...
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 11
Blaze is a VGA screen saver. It technically uses an MCGA mode, but I have not tested it on an MCGA, so I don't know what it will do on one. It does work with most VGA systems though. Due to the numerous random effects that it is capable of, you may not ever see the same pattern twice! Some will appear similar, but there are millions of possibilities.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 32
[software]PCXview - RayLyn
A application for viewing PCX images.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 24
[software]GameBuilder Lite
Create graphics adventure games with no programming. Your games can include 256 color graphics, main character and background animation, masking, object inventory and detection, music and sound effects, and more, with a powerful point 'n click interface just like the pros use! Easy enough for children; sophisticated enough for savvy gamers.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 42
[software]Audio Lab
Audio Lab is a digitised sound editing program that runs under Windows 3.1. It graphically displays waveforms representing sounds that can be recorded (with the appropriate hardware) or loaded from disk, processed, and then saved again. Using these displays, cut and paste operations can be done on the waveform and special effects such as echo and fading in/out can be applied.
Keywords: Windows applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 33
[software]Volleyball Stats Manager - David Hoffmann Computing
A must for Volleyball coaches. Tracks service stats, sets, passes blocks, digs, dinks, spikes, kills, fouls and more! Keeps year-to-date and lifetime records. A multitude of reports (season summary, match history, box score, etc.) can be viewed or printed. On-line help. Great for Jr. High Schools, High Schools and Colleges.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 15
[software]Pro Football Edge - G & S Software
Handicap and track the NFL. Computer Pick 5 year results: SPREAD WINNERS 440-291 60% TOTALS 303-173 64%. 9 matchup screens per game! 10 Year Database and 1993 schedule provided. Stats entered from newspaper or downloaded from the PFE! BBS. Requires: Dos 3.0, Mono/Color, 512KB.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 18
"WARS (Wargaming Analysis & Recommendation System) is a program and accompanying rule set for twentieth century wargaming. WARS is designed for armor and infantry either together or as separate scenarios. WARS works with any scenarios using figurines, counters, or paper wars. The program works in any scale (from 1/1 - real life to 1/10000 scale). The rules are based on the individual capabilities of each soldier and their actions...
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 40
[software]Victory Thoroughbred Handicapper
Based upon principles from Total Victory At The Track by William L. Scott. Uses Performance Class Ratings (PCR), current form tests, and Ability Times to identify strongest contenders. Also determines running styles using Early Speed Index (ESI) and Finishing Strength Index (FSI).
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 46
[software]Drum Blaster - Epic MegaGames
Room-shaking sound effects and music for your whole family! Requires Sound Blaster card. Turn your PC into a drum pad with loads of digitized sound effect and background music!
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 102
[software]Gamescape Graphic - Drew Software
"GAMESCAPE is the fantastic program that allows you to design and distribute your own adventure games. GAMESCAPE is a powerful ""adventure engine"" that allows you to describe locations and rooms, objects, recognizable words, messages, and occurrences that happen within the game. You can also include sound, music, and any of the standard IBM special graphics characters (terrific for mapping). Registered users of GAMESCAPE GRAPHIC can create high-resolution color graphics to go with their games (...
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 43
Just what the title says - a Kaleidoscope.
Keywords: Windows applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 52
[software]The Universe According to Virgil Reality - 7th Level
"Earth constantly spins, so why shouldn't your head? Join Professor Virgil Reality on a fantastic voyage from the age of dinosaurs to the heart of an atom. Laugh at man's most ridiculous inventions. Discover the wonders of science. From the far reaches of outer space to the tiny interior of a virus, Virgil puts the ""YOU"" in universe, and teaches you that everything is connected. Can Your Science Book Do This? Includes hundreds of activities such as home experiments, making paper airplanes, gam...
Keywords: Windows applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 205
[software]WordMaster - MasterWorks
WordMaster is an extremely easy-to-use word processor/editor. Its built-in menuing system can perform most basic commands while providing visual cues. It also includes a rather complete help system to guide the user toward full utilization of the program's potential.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 30
[software]AAPlay - Autodesk
"The Autodesk Animation Player allows you to play animations created using Autodesk Animator, Autodesk 3D Studio, or Autodesk Animator Pro. This includes FLI and FLC files which were very popular in the 90's and often used in video games."
Keywords: Windows applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 112
[software]The Bit Recycler - Toggle Booleans
"Inside your computer are millions of little bits. Each one of those bits can be a one or a zero and as your computer runs programs each one of these bits changes its state, often thousands of times every second. Understandably, this puts a lot of pressure on your bits and, after a period of time, some of your bits may start to wear out. At first your bits become a little bit cranky and don't change quite as quickly and after much use they may become worn out on the edges...
Keywords: Windows applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 401
[software]AsciiQuest Editor - Jace Masula
ASCIIQUEST is an ascii game creation package. It contains everything you need to created and play you very own ascii character rpg / puzzle games. You can create maps that are scripted to events. The easy to use event scripting allows you to build simple or complex game events. There are a few features and a few limitations of ASCIIQUEST. Before you get going on your first game, make sure you will be able to accomplish what you want using the ASCIIQUEST editor...
Keywords: QBasic applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 85
[software]DOS Navigator - RIT Research Labs
Dos Navigator is a comprehensive shell for MS-DOS. It is a freeware open-source product.
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 147
[software]Autodesk Home Series - Autodesk

Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 83
[software]Word Processing For Kids - Sidney D. Nolte
We developed this program "WORD PROCESSING FOR KIDS" because wefeel that more than any other kind of program, a word processorcan do much to help children learn to communicate through thewritten word.  While those word processors developed for adultshave the features required for professional writing, they do notserve children.  They simply are much too complex. We undertookthe task with the major design goals to be that of simplicitywhile serving the needs of the target age group, beginningwr...
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 59
[software]Animation Construction Kit 3-D - Lary Myers
    Welcome to ACK3D! This contruction kit is part of a project created toallow you, the user, to design your own 3D games and applications. Whilestill in its infancy the hope is to present enough of a kit to give you theidea of what is still to come. With ACK3D you can create your own maps andlink them together together to form a 3D world of adventure. A variety ofobjects can populate this world, both stationary and moving, to add realismto the environment.    Please feel free to experiment...
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 71
[software]Tome of Vast Knowledge
"This is a FREEWARE (defined later on in this document) version of the Tome of Vast Knowledge. ""What is the Tome of Vast Knowledge?"", I hear you ask. Back when I started this program (1988), I was a big fan of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (I still am for that matter). I had 7 of the hard cover rulebooks, 10-15 modules and about 60 Dragon magazines. As a DM I was having trouble trying to find information that I knew I had, but couldn't remember where I'd read it...
Keywords: DOS applications; Vintage computer applications
Downloads: 84
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